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When and where was Circunomics founded?

The idea to develop a company focused on used batteries, and their use in 2nd-life applications, dates back to 2018. Circunomics GmbH was officially founded and registered in June of 2019, in Mainz, Germany.

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How great is the growth potential of the Circunomics Marketplace?

The automotive sector will be a major focus for us in the coming years. According to general projections (by the International Energy Agency and others), between 200-300 million electric passenger cars will be on the roads worldwide in 2030. This means that approximately 6 million e-vehicle batteries will reach  "end of life" every year.  However, this does not mean that all batteries will inevitably be recycled. In many cases, they will find themselves useful in a 2nd-life application. Since Circunomics is a digital marketplace that supports the entire battery life-cycle, there is great business potential for us not only in the automotive sector, but within the energy and recycling sectors as well.

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Where do the batteries come from?

Batteries emerge from the automotive industry and from wherever larger battery packs are used, i.e. in trucks and buses, aviation, marine, and rail. We also see supply coming from micro-mobility or waste resulting from production. In each case, we see supply and demand.

Who are Circunomics’ most prominent investors thus far?

Aside from the large investment from the ORLEN Group in Poland, we are also honored that former high-ranking executives from the automotive and energy industries alike are enthused about our idea. We are thankful for those that have invested and continue to participate as consultants. To mention a few, Dr. Peter Mertens, former CTO of Audi AG and Volvo Cars, Bram Schot, former CEO of Audi AG,  Bernhard Raberger, multiple supervisory board member and Managing Partner of Blue Minds Company Group, and TES, the leading recycler in Germany.

What will be the future expansion of Circunomics?

First, we will ensure that even if battery concepts and their structural design change (different raw materials, etc.), we will stay up to date with reliable software functionality. Secondly, we will further intensify our talks and sales measures with all target groups on the supplier and buyer side. Last but not least, we are looking towards an international expansion with presence in important markets such as the USA and China.

Is the Circunomics offering unique within the global market?

We are unique in that we strive to offer a management system for the entire battery life-cycle. Our hybrid-AI-physics-supported software with 1st-life analysis and individual simulation of 2nd-life usage is unique and enables optimal end-of-life planning. This offers maximum transparency to suppliers as well as buyers. Additionally, we are committed to continued development. We have a backlog filled with features ready to be developed by our team. Keep an eye out for updates as to the rollout of these innovative features. We are proud to be the pioneers of a high volume, analytics-based marketplace in the battery circular economy.

What can we expect from the digital marketplace?

We are a B2B marketplace with a strict screening process. This is where our dedication to quality begins. Every interested company that wants to utilize the marketplace, as a seller or buyer, must go through an onboarding process. This means that we check company credentials on the basis of various important qualities. Only after approval will a company have access to the marketplace. As the battery carries great risk potential, we insist upon a safe and transparent trading environment.

After successful onboarding, the company can decide whether to list batteries in the form of packs, modules, or cells for direct trade into a 2nd-life application or to list immediately as an as end-of-life listing.

The analytics and simulation within the marketplace is what makes us unique. Our hybrid AI-physics-assisted software is designed to give us access to battery performance history through a Battery Management System (BMS). The BMS is an interface for access. These analytics can be preformed within our ecosystem or they can be deployed into a company’s own infrastructure.

Through digital twin technology, predictions can be made as to how the used battery will perform within various 2nd-life applications. This transparency is of great value to the buyer and to the seller when it comes to quality and pricing.

When it comes to batteries being used in 2nd-life applications, are recycling companies in a competitive showdown with Circunomics?

No. Recyclers also benefit from our offer. On the one hand, they know that they are buying components that can no longer be reused in 2nd-life. This means that the recycler can concentrate on calculating what the dismantling costs will be and what profit can be gained through selling the valuable raw materials. On the other hand, Circunomics also provides the recycler with a clear market picture of how battery packs, modules, and cells are currently traded. Recyclers can compare this with projected revenues through the sale of raw materials. Through working independent of manufacturers, we ensure maximum transparency and scalability.

Is there a minimum purchase volume per transaction?

Various aspects play a role here. The advantage of Circunomics is that we are manufacturer-independent and can therefore offer a complete overview of the global market. In addition, we are able to offer trade at scale.

A good example is a platform for used cars.
A seller posts their vehicle online, provides all available technical data and information about it, and potential buyers consider the offer presented by the seller. The transaction is either successful or not. The buyer must rely on the fact that the quality of the offer is correct and fits to their individual needs. This is much like the Circunomics marketplace - providing an environment for safe and transparent trade. The seller and buyer agree upon conditions.