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Electronic Car

Electric takes the lead

By the year 2030, approximately 60% of all passenger vehicles on the road will be electric. Though this seems like a step in the right direction…

This number equates to millions of batteries.

Lithium Ion Battery

2nd-life is the solution

When batteries reach the end of their 1st-life within the mobility sector, their future is brighter than ever.
With upwards of 80% SoH (State of Health) remaining, these batteries have monetary value and can be a solution to our energy transition.

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Let’s tackle your battery supply together

Battery Lifecycle Management is key to bringing circularity to the industry. We are here to help!

Analytics Circunomics


No more “what-ifs”. Our analytics make battery trade precise and transparent.

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B2B Marketplace Circunomics

B2B Marketplace

Find your perfect match on our intelligence-packed battery trade platform.

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Two products for complete Battery Lifecycle Management

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Clear Market Leaders

2023: Directionally, this has been a very successful year with over 200MWh traded. This makes Circunomics a clear market leader with more to come!

I have invested in Circunomics, because I am convinced they will solve a very tough industry problem that OEMs won't solve themselves. Their in-depth knowledge on battery circularity is unmatched.

Peter Martens former CTO Audi & Volvo
Peter Mertens
former CTO AUDI & Volvo

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Battery Lifecycle Management is key to bringing circularity to the industry. We are here to help!

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