Maximizing Efficiency
for a Circular Battery Economy.

Analytics-based circular marketplace. Helping you secure scalable battery second-life or recycling of your lithium-ion batteries.  We look forward to speaking with you more about how this will increase your overall revenue!  Join our mission today.

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Circular Batteries

Circular batteries have the largest leverage in reducing EV emissions. More than 60% of energy storage demand could be provided by used EV batteries in 2025. Scaling to 100% in 2030.  The energy transition and decarbonization of e-mobility can only be green if batteries become circular.

Lithium Ion Battery
Up to 2000€ resale value for batteries

Higher battery value & lower emissions

Sustainability and profitability does not need to be a trade-off. We can cut lifecycle emissions by up to 50% while reducing cost at the same time. Data combined with artificial intelligence makes this possible.

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One-stop shop solution to manage the entire after-market process.  From predictive end-of-life point prediction to afterlife trading, we have an end-to-end solution for you.

All in one platform

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One platform for the whole process

One-stop-shop solution to manage the whole aftermarket processes. From predictive end-of-life point prediction, over collection and transportation to tracking for reporting and afterlife trading. We got the end-to-end solution for you.

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Flexible trading network

Boost your trading network and find perfect partners through our matchmaking algorithms. This algorithms will provide you with secure second-life trading and recycling. Invite your current partners to simpler lifecycle and trading management. You decide with whom you want to trade - within our open network or within your chosen existing network.

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Predictive analytics

Lifecycle analytics predict end-of-life points and State of Health (SoH) in real-time by using digital twin data. This technology empowers you with the ability to plan regarding maintenance, collection, and afterlife destinations with foresight. Optimize value and decrease cost.

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Decision-making for optimal usage

The intelligent analytics at Circunomics are designed to detect optimal future-use options for each battery in order to help you reach your personal goals.  Discovering whether recycling or secondary-life is more optimal through data based decision-making. Circular analytics simulate the future performance of each battery in different second-life usage scenarios. This ultimately aids buyers in finding modules that match their specific requirements.

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Trusted and Secure

We aim for a trusted and secure environment for all parties of the battery value chain.

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Lifecycle tracking for regulations’ compliance

Plan and track end-of-life management to comply with new battery and recycling regulations. Follow your entire trading portfolio as well as maintaining an automated overview of your present batteries.

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Second life analytics for secure afterlife decisions

Circunomics' Circular Analytics evaluate over two million data points and simulates future performance in second-life applications. Base your decision-making on data that will improve the safety and reliability of your storage systems.

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Battery passports integrated in Circular Twins

Secure trading through a circular marketplace with battery passports. Our passports provide you with complete transparency over battery conditions, SoH, and levels of raw material in order to decrease risk and optimize asset value.

Lithium Ion BatteryLithium Ion BatteryLithium Ion Battery