Circular Battery Trade

A marketplace where batteries become circular and profit is leveraged.

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Current Marketplace Volume

2 GWh


413 MWh

Requests for Batteries

1 Tonn


Profitable opportunities are waiting for you!

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Marketplace Features

Intelligence and personalization layered throughout the platform.


Historical data provides transparency and knowledge that facilitates a perfect match.

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Circunomics Analytics

List your Supply

List the batteries that you are seeking to trade and the Battery Matchmakers will get to work.

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What do you need?

Donโ€™t see what youโ€™re looking for? Upload your requests and let the Battery Matchmakers help. Our request feature both for batteries and for recycling allows you the ability to alert others of your exact needs and specifications.

Lithium Ion Battery Truck icon Folder EU Passport

EU Battery Passport

We are committed to staying up to date on the EUโ€™s progress towards a Battery Passport requirement. We will be ready to support you when the time comes.

Marketplace Listings

Easy to navigate marketplace where buyers, sellers, and recyclers find the perfect match.

Circunomics Marketplace


All documents in one place


Anonymity keeps all transactions safe


Analytics eliminates unknowns

Leverage your battery supply.

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