we are

One of the top 5 circular economy startups worldwide

We strive for a circular battery economy.

   And we are dedicated to increasing the efficiency and profitability of reuse and recycling of lithium-ion batteries - making e-mobility and the energy transition actually green.

Circunomics provides digital twin technology and analytics software that monitor and predict the battery condition. Our artificial intelligence solution enables smart databased decision-making to identify the best reuse application. Circunomics marketplace integrates these data insights - being the first databased battery marketplace for second life and recycling on the market.

In 2030

200-300 Million

electric vehicles will be on the road

6 Million

EV batteries will return annually

We need a scalable solution to manage the incoming tsunami of old batteries to prevent a waste of resource.

Turning waste
into value.

Reusing old batteries in energy storages reduces emissions and battery cost. With predictive analytics & marketplace, we make it feasible and efficient.

A circular battery economy by 2030

... by establishing a second life and recycling network, and by turning batteries into circular assets to create transparency, decrease risk, and optimize value.

Meet US


Felix Wagner

managing director

10+ years in digital business and mobility, built a solar tech startup

Jan Born

managing director

15+ years of experience, mostl recycently as CTO & MD of tech companies. Focus on business value of technology and the automotive sector

Investor &

We’re committed to making a difference. To ‘leaving the world better than we found it’ - whether by minimising our environmental footprint, promoting fair competition, you can join us and our vision.

Become a green pioneer

Our Advisors

Dr. Peter Mertens

former CTO AUDI & Volvo

"I have invested in Circunomics, because I am convinced they will solve a very tough industry problem that OEMs won't solve themselves. Their in-depth knowledge on battery circularity is unmatched."

Bernhard Raberger

Utility and energy tech expert.

Managing Partner of The Blue Minds Company Group, focused on renewable energy consulting and investments. Former Executive Vice Chairman and CFO of Enerjisa Group; Supervisory Board Member of DenizBank AG; Board Member of Oolu; Board Member of Pexapark; Advisory Board Member of has.to.be

Bram Schot

Former CEO Audi, Multi-Board Member

"I think Circunomics' circular economy approach is the right way to go - we need more concepts like this. I'm happy to contribute to Circunomics' success with my investment, experience and network."