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Understanding battery history guides you to the battery’s most impactful and sustainable future.

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Current Marketplace Volume

2 GWh


413 MWh

Requests for Batteries

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Analytic Features

Replacing the “what-if” with precise and transparent data.

Digital Twin Technology

For each battery, we use historical data to build a digital twin which we then use to mimic battery performance. We develop our digital twin to be compliant with all EU regulations.

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1st-Life Analytics

Through observing batteries in their 1st-life, KPIs are monitored and remaining battery State of Health (SoH) can be determined.

2nd-Life Simulation

Just as in their 1st-life, batteries can be monitored in their 2nd-life. How are they preforming? What is their SoH? With this information, we are able to determine when your batteries will reach end-of life.

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Data Security

Your data security is of utmost importance to us. Through implementing advanced encryption, strict access controls, and comprehensive data privacy measures, we ensure that your data is protected.
With regular security audits, employee training, and a commitment to compliance and improvement, we safeguard your data integrity.

Circunomics Analytics deployed directly to you

With the use of our advanced technology, we have the ability access your data where it resides - safe within the confines of your own infrastructure.

Circunomics Analytics

Analytics to your cloud

We deploy the Circunomics App into your cloud

Data Connection

We connect your data to the Circunomics App

Constant Improvement

We continue to improve the model while monitoring your assets

New Lab in 2024!

We look forward to moving all battery testing in-house soon! From cell testing to model construction, we will utilize our digital twin technology to its fullest. Stay tuned!

New Circunomics Lab 2024

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