End-to-end Solution

The first open IoT platform for a circular battery.

Circular Twin


Battery lifecycle data digitally & tamper-proof merged.

To enable reliable second life applications, first life data is necessary. With Circunomics' Circular Twins, each battery is getting a tamper-proof identity - digitizing its whole lifecycle with all relevant data regarding performance, materials, and sustainability. The twin of each battery is  directly linked to its individual passport.

Circular Marketplace


Circular Analytics

Databased, automated decision-making & planning.

By using the Circular Twin data, our Circular Analytics evaluate a couple of million datapoints to predict the end-of-life point and residual value in real-time. With smart and databased decision-making our analytics detect the best future use case for each of your batteries on an automated basis aligned with your personal strategy. 

Efficient, secured tendering & optimized matching. 

Circunomics' Circular Marketplace provides the network for secured second life trading and recycling tendering. Transparency over the state of health and raw material contained decreases risk and optimizes the asset value, automated matchmaking accelerates the processes, and long-term supply forecast allows planning with foresight. 


Use Cases


Automotive OEM

Find second life buyers & recyclers via matchmaking

Optimize the asset value due to our battery passport & analytics

Improve planning due to end-of-life predictions

Manage the afterlife scenarios of your electrified portfolio 


Energy Storages

Acquire pre-certified second life batteries​

Decrease risk through state of health transparency & supply certainty

Improve planning due to foresight on supply & automated matching



Assess raw material value contained & find the right recyclers

Increase the material resell value due to our battery passports

Minimize the risk of your fleet operation due to monitoring & predictive analytics


Fleet Owner

Minimize the risk of your electrified fleet due to monitoring & predictive analytics

Increase the vehicles' resell value due to battery passports

Benchmark the performance of your electric fleet models 



Source battery raw materials with pre-certifications​

Improve planning due to long-term forecast on raw material availability

Scale-up with matchmaking, a flexible partner network, and process automation

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Our marketplace creates a networked ecosystem of all industry parties that encounter li-ion batteries and their raw materials - far beyond the basic use cases. 

Connecting the battery industry through data 

for second life, recycling & a greener battery economy.


Current Ecosystem Partners