Recycle and Refurbish

The marketplace solution for battery supply transparency and new second life possibilities.

Through the Circunomics circular marketplace, discarded lithium-ion batteries can be recycled or given a second life! Digitalize and simplify your trading process through one platform.Digital twin technology reveals crucial information about the contained materials, the quality of the battery, and the certifications of each battery.  Circularity driven by transparency.

All needed documents on one sight

Have all crucial information about the batteries remaining capacity, UN-certificates, material safety sheet, etc. with just one click. Providing data transparency to simplify your decision-making.

Extend your afterlife trading network

Be part of a closed network or scale your trading activities within an open network and gain new partners. Most simple and secure solution for afterlife trading via one platform to digitize and automate your processes.

New revenue possibility with second life sales

Enter the second life market as seller. Remarket batteries that are still in a good condition with high state of health to extract the maximum value out of your battery assets. Upload respective documents and information to list your battery offer within a few clicks.

All in one platform

New Second Life
revenue possibilities

Circunomics’ Marketplace gives you the easy opportunity to extend your business activities to second life trading. Do you have batteries in stock whose state of health is too good to be recycled yet? Offer them on the B2B Circular Marketplace and maximize the asset value.

Lithium-ion battery
recycling tendering

Digitize the transfer into the afterlife for accelerated and simplified processes. Check the open tenders easily to find the ideal partners with low effort. Helping to optimize the capacity utilization of your recycling plant by having access to a transparent overview of battery contingents.

All required battery information and documents

Get a quick overview of all relevant battery documents and information, like data sheet, material safety sheet, UN-certification, and test reports, for efficient and transparent decision-making. Simple and secure afterlife trading to enable circular batteries.

Tracking enabling the compliance to EU battery regulations

Simplify your compliance reporting by tracking how each of your batteries is treated at their end-of-life: if reused or recycled. With the possibility to integrate your battery passports.