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Giving transparency and optimizing processes.

A rise of recycling capacities is not only needed regarding environmental degradation prevention but also considering new battery regulations and future resource scarcity. From 2025 on there will be a shortage in lithium, making li-ion battery recycling even more important. 

Circunomics’ battery passports based on our digital twin technology reveals crucial information about e.g. the contained raw materials, their quality and sourcing certifications of each battery.   
Via Circunomics’ Circular Marketplace, used batteries can accordingly be traded with transparency and security. 
Long-term material supply forecast and automated matchmaking, based on our analytics and artificial intelligence, allows better planning regarding logistics and capacities, and simplifies processes.


A breakdown of our solution for you.

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Long-term supply forecast

Since we predict the end-of-life point of batteries, Circunomics can also forecast the future raw material availability. Putting you in a position to plan your processes with foresight and reduce logistics and storage cost.   


Data tracking for compliance


Comply easily to new regulations due to battery lifecycle-data tracking. Know where your materials came from and what raw materials amounts you have recycled.  

Residual value determination

As a third party, we help to assess the batteries’ residual value with our Circular Analytics - taking real-time raw material prices, quality, and sourcing certifications into consideration to curb the arbitrariness in pricing. 

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Source raw materials with pre-certification

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Automated deal-making

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Battery passport

The Circular Twins also record sustainability and sourcing certifications of each battery, enabling you to have knowledge about their quality and to source the best raw materials.

Find the ideal supplier via our matchmaking algorithm, scale-up within a flexible partner network, and benefit from process automation and logistics partner integration.

Our tamper-proof battery passport gives transparency over critical battery data on a material level, like e.g. condition, raw material quality and origin. It ensures data security and at the same time enables compliance to EU regulations.


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