Energy giant Shell starts cooperation with Circunomics

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To achieve the goal of giving EV batteries a second life as quickly as possible, Circunomics is now working with a strong new cooperation partner from the energy industry – the Shell Group represented by Shell International Petroleum Company Limited.

Through a marketing cooperation, the green-tech start-up from Mainz, Germany, combines its innovative strength in the field of battery analytics and circular economy with Shell's long-standing experience and large network in this area. The main focus of the business relationship is the acquisition of new customers in the sector of automotive, energy storage and transport. Circunomics thereby thereby strengthens the e-mobility portfolio regarding battery evaluation, remarketing, and recycling in a single platform solution.

"For us as a start-up, it is always a challenge to get a foot in the door with large companies from the automotive, energy and transport industries. At the beginning, there is often a lack of trust and openness towards young companies and innovations like the Circunomics platform. Therefore, we are excited that an established energy company like Shell supports us from now on with its large network and thus contributes to building trust in our platform for the industry" ,

explains Circunomics CEO, Felix Wagner.

Both companies will benefit from the cooperation, as electromobility is one of the core topics for the Shell Group on its way to becoming a net-zero emission company. Circular economy does therefore play an important role.

Felix Wagner confirms:

"Just because a vehicle is battery-powered it does not mean it’s sustainable. In order to ensure the energy transition and the achievement of CO2 targets in the long term, it is necessary to reuse the precious batteries in energy storage systems."

Currently, most e-mobility batteries end up in the recycling yard, even though they are far from being ready for disposal. They could often be used for another 10 - 15 years, e.g., in home storage systems. For this reason, Circunomics wants to close the loop. To do so, so-called digital twins of the batteries are created and analyzed using a specially developed artificial intelligence (AI) based on the manufacturer's data. In cooperation with the respective manufacturers, predictions regarding lifetime, remaining energy cycles and potential reuse scenarios can be made at an early stage. In this way, the process can be optimally planned for all parties involved.

"Shell's target is to become a net-zero emissions energy business by 2050. Becoming a net-zero emissions business means offering customers more low-carbon products, from renewable electricity, to charging for electric vehicles and hydrogen. Providing a resilient E-mobility charging infrastructure does therefore play an important role. Shell has set the target to enable 500,000 charging points until 2025 and more than 2.5 mln charging points until 2030. Furthermore, the sustainable treatment of resources, like batteries, does play a significant role for reducing the carbon footprint. We believe that Circunomics' Circular Battery Marketplace and Second Life Analytics can bring powerful value to our customers. We are looking forward to be a strong partner of Circunomics to accelerate the decarbonization of electric batteries through sustainable end of life management",

quotes Ade Ajala - Vice President, Global Key Accounts, Strategic Alliances & Business Development.

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