Second seed round is a wrap.

The new circularity players in the game.

Our founders: Cesar (CTO), Sebastiaan (COO), and Patrick (CEO).
Our founders: Cesar (CTO), Sebastiaan (COO), and Patrick (CEO).

We are excited to announce that we closed our second seed round successfully! Reaching an investment sum of €1.8 million, we have even overshot our initial target.

Very glad to welcome Kalodion, Circularity Boost, and the global leader in technology lifecycle solutions TES by our side.

Joining forces with sustainability enthusiasts and circularity experts.

For Circunomics, this does not only mean another financing round accomplished but moreover the important gain of partners who share the same values and bring in additional circular expertise. Especially with TES we are looking forward to a vital strategic cooperation that benefits both sides, as we can ideally complement and improve each other’s business approaches.

Thomas Holberg, Global Vice President of Battery Operations at TES:

"TES operates worldwide and has a huge experience in lifecycle management of electronics and IT products. In this respect, the investment in Circunomics is ideal for us - because it is less about recycling and more about the lifecycle management of lithium-ion batteries. However, TES also has two of the most modern facilities for recycling lithium-ion batteries in Grenoble and Singapore, where we recover up to 90 percent of the material [...]."

Who are the investors exactly?


TES is one of the world's leading companies in the circular economy, offering lifecycle solutions for IT infrastructure. With global market presence and two locations in Germany, TES is also pursuing sustainable solutions for lithium-ion batteries at the end of their product lifecycle, from reuse to material recycling and the return of secondary raw materials to the respective production cycles.


The family office Kalodion, founded by David Zimmer who built already the unicorn inexion on the telecommunication market, is focusing its investments on businesses and projects with sustainability and CSR core.

Circularity Boost:

Circularity Boost combines knowledge and experience from experts of the transport and mobility sector as well as circular economy who previously were e.g., board members of large mobility companies and partners in top management consultancies.

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