Double X: joining Catena-X & Gaia-X

Circunomics supports the two most crucial European data infrastructure associations.

Another important step in fostering cooperation for a circular battery economy and greener automotive industry.

Circunomics has been accepted as a member to the alliance of Catena-X as well as to the network of the Gaia-X cloud project.

Gaia-X connects more than 500 organizations, companies, research institutions, associations, and politic entities with the common values of cooperation and transparency.

Within the working groups Energy and Mobility of the Gaia-X Hubs Germany, we are addressing the aim of building an European digital system layer for cloud services supporting the energy transition. Data-driven solutions, sharing knowledge between stakeholders, and setting common policy rules are important points of the Energy Hub.

The Mobility working group focuses on the development of data infrastructures with a view on e.g. mobility-related big data, analytics with artificial intelligence, and data security for a technology-open mobility ecosystem.

Read more about Gaia-X here.

Or watch it.

Additionally to Gaia-X, Circunomics also joined Catena-X Automotive Network.

Catena-X is an association founded in May 2021 that aims as well for collaboration, focusing on the automotive industry and including some of the biggest players in technology and mobility. Its ecosystem has the aim to "Provide an environment for building, operating and collaboratively using seamless data chains along the entire automotive value chain". Hereby Catena-X relies on Gaia-X as a foundation for data exchange.

Connecting the value chain and generating standardized data streams are essential developments in the industry to realize the bigger goal of a circular battery economy as EVs are the main drivers of battery growth. Connecting the automotive value chains means connecting the battery value chain.

Read more about Catena-X here.

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