BEPA x Circunomics

Circunomics is joining the Batteries European Partnership Association (BEPA)

Counting more than 165 members, BEPA is a leading association dedicated to create a competitive, sustainable and circular European industrial battery value chain for stationary applications and e-mobility.

The BEPA members will work together to prepare Europe to manufacture and commercialise by 2030 the next-generation battery technologies that will accelerate the rollout of zero-emission mobility and renewable energy storage.

BEPA represents the private side association of the BATT4EU Partnership, the co-programmed partnership on batteries launched by the European Commission under Horizon Europe. The partnership will mobilise more than 925 million euros, to boost European research and innovation in the battery sector.

As a new member and IoT platform for Circular Batteries, Circunomics engages in an intensive exchange of experiences and supports R&D projects in order to achieve BATT4EU goals such as zero pollution and cost reduction in the battery supply chain through technologies for more efficient reuse and recycling of batteries and their raw materials.

With this step we aim to strengthen the cooperation and development in the European battery industry in order to create a sustainable and circular supply chain. Looking forward to pushing the industry forward together!

Patrick Peter, Circunomics' founder and CEO:

"Circunomics finds partners in BEPA to make a crucial impact in refurbish and recycling.
We will build a circular economy in Europe. Plans to increase battery production in the EU are already in place, but only looking at the production is not enough for a strong battery industry. We need to ensure the longest possible lifecycle, as well as nearly one hundred percent recycling of large batteries at their end-of-life. What we can reuse and recover of cobalt, nickel and lithium in Europe, does not has to be mined elsewhere."

Fore more information visit BEPA website!

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