3rd place of "Net Zero Tech" startups

The Spark - the German digital award: Circunomics is under the top 3

Every year McKinsey & Company and Handelsblatt award innovators in the digital business. This years focus was on Net Zero Tech concepts for an emission-free future in any kind of branch and industry. Yesterday evening Circunomics' COO, Sebastiaan Wolzak, represented us at the award ceremony.

3rd place award winner receiving the award on stage

We felt already honored to be nominated as one of the 10 finalists together with Planetly, Envelio, Pexapark, OroraTech, Mixteresting, Concular, DABBEL, and Elvah. On top of that Circunomics is under the top 3. Thanks a lot to the jury and all the online voters for your support!

Congratulations to OroraTech for the 1st place and DABBEL for the 2nd! All of the finalists are truly incredible business concepts.

Read more about the finalists and winners.

Winners with awards together. Three men and one woman
The four winners: DABBEL / Nico Hahn, OroraTech / Thomas Grübler, TeleClinic / Katharina Jünger, and Circunomics / Sebastiaan Wolzak (from left to right)

Moreover, with the Female Founder Award, inspiring and strong women were nominated who are driving the digital industry with their commitment and entrepreneurial success. We congratulate Katharina Jünger with her business TeleClinic which allows patients to receive online medical consulting and prescriptions via app!

Want to rewatch the award ceremony? No worries, here is the recording of the evening.

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