Circular Battery Platform

Intelligent lifecycle management and afterlife trading  of used lithium-ion batteries based on predictive first life analytics and second life simulation.

The first analytics-based marketplace for circular batteries.

Identifying the best use case for reuse or recycling

Circunomics’ Circular Marketplace enables to find batteries that match specific energy storage requirements. Building a base for reliable energy storage systems with state of health transparency and performance predictions in different reusage scenarios.

More than just a marketplace.
One platform to plan your end-of-life process.


Circular Analytics

Our analytics combine first life analytics (SoH and remaining cycles prediction) with second life simulation to booster the end-of-life planning. Second life use case simulations assess each battery’s reuse suitability and help you to identify the best afterlife use case - trade them accordingly via Circular Marketplace or reuse them yourself.


Circular Marketplace

Trade li-ion batteries - whether integrated in Circunomics’ analytics or not. Increasing trading efficiency and security through digitized processes, data transparency, and predictive planning. All relevant battery information at one sight with the possibility of battery passport integration for simplified deal-making.

Predicitive Analytics unleash lifecycle optimization

With historical field data we characterize the batteries’ performance. Moreover, by using physics-based modeling, our analytics predict the state of health with respect to different operational scenarios and custom usage profiles. Considering different second life solutions, our analytics can augment future scenarios of battery behavior to showcase the reuse suitability. Through a scalable and customizable dashboard solution, we support your maintenance planning as well as end-of-life decisions by digitizing your assets’ insights.

Cross-sector network to scale afterlife trading

Going from one-to-one relationships to a scaleable network with trusted trading parties. You decide if you want to trade within your personal network or in an open trading network. A holistic overview of all batteries with their required documents simplifies the transfer process from first to second life/recycling.

Industry Use Cases

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