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A Revolutionizing Industry: Cutting-Edge Solutions for Lithium-ion Battery State-of-Health Prediction

Frankfurt, 27.10.2023

In today's fast-paced technological landscape, businesses and industries are in constant pursuit of methods to enhance performance, reduce costs, and extend the lifespan of critical components. Within this context, integrating advanced solutions for Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery State-of-Health (SoH) prediction, as well as modeling and simulation of Li-ion battery modules at varying SoH levels, has emerged as a pivotal strategy. Circunomics(CX) is a pioneering company that is leading this charge toward a more efficient and sustainable future.

A New Season: Charging up for Fall

Frankfurt, 01.09.2023

IAA Mobility is the largest mobility event in the world.  It’s a place where innovation reaches new heights and creativity is born. From the top automotive manufacturers to the those creating pathways to more sustainable mobility options, everyone will be on deck. Munich city will be filled this week with exciting ‘here and now’ moments as well as glimpses into the future. Sustainable options for mobility have never been more important. The planet is desperate for us to come up with innovative ideas and move them to action. The need to stop the daily rise of CO2 is not just a good idea...we must do it!

IAA Future Mobility

Why 2nd Life?

Frankfurt, 07.07.2023

For the past 20+ years, the automobile industry has sought after a profitable solution to the growing climate concerns. As fossil fuels played a prominent role in the crisis, the industry sat in the hot seat. From the first mass-market e-vehical (EV) launch of the Nissan Leaf in 2010 to where we are now is nothing short of innovation at its best. Yet, here we are 13 years later with a new problem to solve. According to the 2021 study by McKinsey, we will be faced with 400 million tons of lithium-ion batteries, coming to the end of their first-life, by the year 2025. In most cases, these batteries still have a considerable state of health (SoH) remaining. The question becomes,

How can we effectively and profitably utilize these batteries once they are removed from the EV?

Marius Voght

A Founder's Story: Transforming the Battery Landscape

Frankfurt, 07.07.2023

Circunomics was birthed out of a desire for change.

A desire to see circularity within our mobility and energy sector.

As lithium-ion batteries become the front-runner of energy sources within the mobility sector, Circunomics has set out to see circularity within this battery supply. From establishing analytics that can determine an individual battery’s state of health (SoH) and residual value to a marketplace where batteries can be bought and sold, Circunomics has become Europe’s leader in battery second-life matchmaking and recycling.

Circunomics founders Jan Born and Felix Wagner

ORLEN VC invests in Mainz-based Circular BatteryStart-up Circunomics

Mainz, 13.06 2023

ORLEN VC, Poland's largest corporate venture capital fund owned by ORLEN Group, invests in Circunomics' state-of-the-art, cloud-based platform. The IoT marketplace of the Mainz-based start-up, founded in 2019, facilitates the monitoring and prediction of battery condition, presents reuse opportunities, and provides subsequent recycling pathways for millions of electric vehicles. This innovative solution from Circunomics, in which ORLEN VC now has a significant stake, is expected to help reduce the environmental footprint of batteries from the e-vehicle industry by up to 50%. With this investment, ORLEN VC has now built a portfolio of eight investments reaching beyond PLN 150 million in less than two years since its inception.

Circunomics x Orlen

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Frost & Sullivan Award goes to Circunomics

Frankfurt, 12.09.2023

Frost & Sullivan honors Circunomics with prestigious 2023 Market Leadership Award in Battery Trade.

Mainz, Germany - The globally renowned consulting firm, Frost & Sullivan, annually presents its Best Practice Awards in various regional and international markets. Criteria considered for outstanding achievements are technological innovation, strategic product development, product quality, growth strategy, price/performance, brand strength, and customer experience. This year, Circunomics caught the eye of Frost & Sullivan's industry analysts in the detailed analysis and evaluation process.

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