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Making recycling easier, scalable, and more valuable.

From 2025 on there will be a shortage in lithium. With recycling we can prevent resource scarcity and environmental degradation. 

Circunomics helps you to fulfill recycling quotas more efficiently and to get the most out of your batteries. 
By automating processes and increasing the asset value with Circunomics’ battery passports, recycling-related costs can be decreased. 

Based on our digital twin technology and AI algorithms, we can
verify the material quality and value contained in every battery, which creates clarity about their actual worth.
On the circular battery marketplace you can trade your used batteries securely, automated and transparent at scale.


A breakdown of our solution for you.


Afterlife management & compliance tracking

Scale-up the end-of-life management of your batteries and track recycling cases of millions of batteries easily with your personal dashboard.


Predictive analytics


Residual value determination

Improve planning and risk control with SoH monitoring, end-of-life point prediction, traceability of take-back locations.   

Assess the batteries’ residual value on a material level - taking real-time raw material prices and demand, and sourcing certifications into consideration. Third party evaluation ensures a neutral ground. 

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State of Health (SoH) monitoring

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Automated deal-making

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Battery passport

Control risk with real-time monitoring and increase your customers’ satisfaction by optionally creating added value through a connected end-customer monitoring application. 

Find the ideal recyclers via our matchmaking algorithm and scale-up within a flexible partner network. Accelerating the transfer to recycling and simplifying the process through logistics partner integration.

Our tamper-proof battery passport gives transparency over critical battery data like e.g. battery condition and raw material quality. It ensures data security and at the same time enables compliance to EU regulations.


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