Energy Storage

Secure second-life trading and recycle tendering on Europe's first database battery marketplace.

Used electric vehicle batteries last up to 15 years in an energy storage setting with up to 40% lower purchasing cost.Through data and predictive second-life simulations, the Circunomics platform creates a foundation for secure trading - enabling efficient implementation of reliable second-life energy storage systems.Circunomics provides a flexible solution for you. Start by monitoring first-life and second-life batteries through our circular analytics.  Secondly, acquire high-quality used batteries and/or tender for cycling through our circular marketplace.

All information you need on one glance

View all the relevant battery information and documents at one glance, compare battery listings quickly, and find batteries that match your specific storage requirements easily. Digitise your sourcing for a simplified process.

Insights on future second life performance

Listed batteries which are connected to our Circular Analytics provide you with insights about their future performance in various second life storage applications. Supplying you with the the needed foundation for data-based purchasing decisions.

Ramp-up a secure trading network

Extend your second life sourcing and recycling tendering network with trusted parties. You can set your battery preferences to receive notifications when the ideal battery listings come in and easily match with the best partner. Scaling and simplifying your deal-making processes via one digital platform.

All in one platform

State of health & remaining cycle prediction

For your first life or second life storage systems we provide you with the insights you need for predictive maintenance and take-back planning

Future use case & second life performance simulations

Make the best informed purchase decisions based on insights on performance predictions in different second life usage applications. Creating the foundation for reliable storage systems through second life anayltics.

Second life & recycling trading

Scale your network for second life soucing and eventual recycling tendering in a secure environment with trusted parties. Simplify processes through one digital platform with a flexible network - you decide whether you want to trade within an open network or your personal partner network.

All required documents
for transparency

Have all the necessary battery information and documents visible on one click. With the For simple purchase decisions - know what you are buying