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Energy Storage Systems

Decreasing the risk for reliable second life applications.

A used electric vehicle battery lasts up to 15 years in an energy storage. For up to 40% lower cost.  

By increasing process efficiency and supply certainty through data availability Circunomics helps you to build reliable and affordable second life ESS and simplifies their recycling. 

As an energy storage provider you have several opportunities: monitor and manage your first life and second life batteries, acquire high-quality used batteries, and tender for recycling.
By giving batteries a digital identity, Circunomics is decreasing risk and cost of second life applications and increasing the recycling value. 

Optimize the asset value with our digital twin technology and AI algorithms. And trade batteries securely and transparent on the first circular battery marketplace in the industry. 


A breakdown of our solution for you.

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State of health (SoH) transparency

Have knowledge about the batteries' condition and SoH before purchase. Bringing light into the battery black box for reliable planning without physical testing. 


Residual value determination

Asses the batteries' residual value on a material level by taking real-time condition, raw material prices, and sourcing certifications into consideration. Third party evaluation ensures a neutral ground.

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Automated deal-making

Find the ideal second life supplier and recyclers via our matchingmaking algorithm. Taking characteristics of each battery and the fulfillment of your ESS requirements into account.


Afterlife management & compliance tracking

Scale-up the end-of-life management of your energy storages and track reuse and recycling cases of millions of batteries easily with your personal dashboard.


Predictive analytics

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Battery passport

Improve planning and risk control with end-of-life point prediction, and automated processes. Linked to this is the long-term forecast on second life supply, which improves your implementation planning.

Our tamper-proof battery passport gives transparency over critical battery data like e.g. battery condition and raw material quality. It ensures data security and at the same time enables compliance to EU regulations.


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