Why 2nd-Life?

FrankfurT, 04.08.2023

A 2nd-life battery application is any scenario in which the remaining energy from an EV battery can be utilised to efficiently and effectively create energy. In combination with other renewable energy sources like wind and solar, they can be used to power buildings, home energy systems, or even balance local and national energy grids.

For the past 20+ years, the automobile industry has sought after a profitable solution to the growing climate concerns. As fossil fuels played a prominent role in the crisis, the industry sat in the hot seat. From the first mass-market e-vehical (EV) launch of the Nissan Leaf in 2010 to where we are now is nothing short of innovation at its best. Yet, here we are 13 years later with a new problem to solve. According to the 2021 study by McKinsey, we will be faced with 400 million tons of lithium-ion batteries, coming to the end of their first-life, by the year 2025. In most cases, these batteries still have a considerable state of health (SoH) remaining. The question becomes,

How can we effectively and profitably utilize these batteries once they are removed from the EV?

Second-life applications have become a key player in contributing to a circular economy through making the lithium-ion battery itself circular. When OEMs and the auto industry are able to reintroduce their batteries into a second-life application, not only is this a win for the environment, but also a financial win for both themselves and that of the 2nd-life application. If this 400 million ton supply of batteries was allocated efficiently, we would have enough power to sustain the entire globe's industrial energy storage needs. This is of course a best case scenario and perhaps unreachable in reality. However, it does give us a clear picture of how much power we can harness through using batteries in their second-life.

Take a moment to listen to our CEO, Felix Paul Wagner, talk about this subject at a recent conference in Frankfurt, Germany. The opportunities are endless and the time to act is now. Would you consider being a part of this journey towards a more circular energy sector? We have many opportunities for you to join us - Take a moment to meet with Marius Vogt (right) and find out how we can come along side you in helping to make your business a more sustainable one.

News! Collaboration in Australia

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership and collaboration with a future-driven and innovative company in Australia. State of Charge focuses on assisting energy-tech companies that desire to enter the Australian/New Zealand market. We are looking forward to what lays ahead for Circunomics in this region. If you yourself are a part of this market in Australia/New Zealand, take a moment to learn more about what State of Charge is doing and how they may be able to help you in finding ways to accelerate the energy transition.

Marius Voght
Marius Vogt | Sr. Business Dev & Product Owner
Only we can create change in the world that will ensure a brighter future for our children. Do it now - with every ounce of passion and effort that you have! - MV

Having the opportunity to help shape this new market is something that Marius values and takes seriously. Identifying the unique place we have in the energy sector, Marius sees not only business opportunity for all key players, but he also see the impact it can have on our environment. By creating a circular battery economy that is less dependent upon new raw materials betters the lives of everyone involved.

If you are part of an OEM, sitting within the auto industry, the energy sector, or are a part of the battery recycling world, you have a home with Circunomics. Come and be a part of a marketplace full of opportunity and one where you will be supported by experts in the field. Marius is a Battery Matchmaker and looking forward to speaking with you!

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