A New Season: Charging up for Fall

Frankfurt, 01.09.2023

Circunomics at IAA Mobility

IAA Mobility is the largest mobility event in the world.  It’s a place where innovation reaches new heights and creativity is born. From the top automotive manufacturers to the those creating pathways to more sustainable mobility options, everyone will be on deck. Munich city will be filled this week with exciting ‘here and now’ moments as well as glimpses into the future. Sustainable options for mobility have never been more important. The planet is desperate for us to come up with innovative ideas and move them to action. The need to stop the daily rise of CO2 is not just a good idea...we must do it! The IAA Summit and Conference will provide over 500 presenters the opportunity to share vision and provide opportunities for action. An endless number of exhibitors will contribute their ideas, software, products, and services to the public. Collaboration will take flight and greatness will rise. The IAA Open Space provides a festival of mobility fun for the entire family. If you are in the Munich area or looking for something unique to do for a day, this is sure to be a summer highlight.

IAA Future Mobility

Where can you find us?!?

We have the great privilege of exhibiting within the IAA Summit. This is located at Messe München. Co-Founder & CTO, Jan Born, will be on site as well as Sr. Business Developer, Marius Vogt and Marketing/Communications Manager, Inga Swope. We are looking forward to the many conversations we will have. We would love for one of them to be with you! We believe that our journey at Circunomics is not only exciting, but also important to future generations. We would welcome the opportunity to share with you more about what is developing within Circunomics.

We will be located in Hall B1 and Booth C334.

Looking for a longer conversation at a specific time during IAA? Book a Meeting with Jan or Marius at our booth!  Or, perhaps you won’t be at IAA, but still want to chat... Use this link to schedule a meeting with us.

Marketplace Volume UP!

330 MWh listed
480 MWh in demand

These are no longer projections or dreams!

This is the volume currently in our marketplace and it continues to grow. Now is the time for you to join the fastest growing battery trade platform. Not only is this a marketplace for scaling your business, but it’s a place where we will walk alongside you to assure that you find the perfect match.

We are the Battery Matchmakers and are committed to your success on the platform.

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Shout out to Recyclers

Are you sitting within the battery recycling industry?

Are you looking for an easy way to scale your battery influx?

We have been hard at work to provide you with a platform that will do just that! We are committed to connecting you with a consistent flow of batteries that will allow you the ability to help close the loop on battery circularity. You are a critical contributor to the circular battery ideology. Salvaging the remaining raw materials assures all of us that every last bit of energy is being utilized and other materials are being disposed of in a safe manner.
Be the first to know when this feature is LIVE within the Circunomics marketplace. Reach out to us to find out more!

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Hello, Hamid

Senior Data Scientist & Battery Modelling

What inspires you about working for Circunomics?
“I value the diverse, multinational environment of the company. I enjoy being part of the Circunomics dream-team. We are creating and developing a robust product and continuously adding features directly applicable and used by the customer. This ensures the sustainability of storage systems, and gives second-life to batteries at scale.”

What piece of advice would give someone in your field?
“Whatever you do, do it with passion!”

What do you do to recharge and find balance?
“I enjoy reading, listening to podcasts, teaching, and sharing knowledge. I also like running, working out, and most importantly spending time with the family.”

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