A Founder's Story: Transforming the Battery Landscape

Frankfurt, 07.07.2023

Circunomics was birthed out of a desire for change.

A desire to see circularity within our mobility and energy sector.

As lithium-ion batteries become the front-runner of energy sources within the mobility sector, Circunomics has set out to see circularity within this battery supply. From establishing analytics that can determine an individual battery’s state of health (SoH) and residual value to a marketplace where batteries can be bought and sold, Circunomics has become Europe’s leader in battery second-life matchmaking and recycling.

Who is behind this venture? And, how did Circunomics come to be?

Co-Founders, Felix Wagner and Jan Born, met in 2017 as they were working different digitalization projects within the automotive industry. In 2018, they were approach by a customer with an interesting question regarding a surge transpiring within the e-mobility sector.

“Is there a plan for the millions of batteries coming from their automotive first-life?“

Wagner and Born agreed that this was indeed an important issue approaching the industry. After comprehensive market research, it was discovered that there was a gap in the market when it came to facilitating second-life and recycling trade. They set out to fill this gap in the market and introduce battery circularity to the world, Circunomics officially began in 2019.

CEO & Co-Founder, Felix Wagner, is passionate about using technologies to combat our growing global climate issues. With his start in building an Australian solar enterprise, Felix is not a newcomer to the exciting world of start-ups. Moving from Australia back to his home country, Germany, Felix entered the automotive industry and became a Partner and Co-Founder of Next Mobility Labs. Currently, through his work with Circunomics, Felix tackles the challenge of bringing sustainable mobility to our next generation through the ideology of a circular economy.

CTO & Co-Founder, Jan Born, is also no stranger to the industry. As Co-Founder and Partner for Next Mobility Labs, creating sustainable companies for the next generation of mobility is both a passion and daily practice. Jan brings 15+ years of experience to the table in the areas of software development, cloud computing, and architectures across the technology sector. Jan is driven by a desire to see lasting change in our communities and in our world.

As Circunomics continues to walk the journey of start-up funding, there is great excitement and expectation over what the future holds. With motivated and inspired investors standing behind the Circunomics mission, Wagner and Born are confident in what they have set out accomplish. They have an innovative and talented team behind them at Circunomics. Together, they are running towards a brighter and more circular future.

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Circunomics founders Jan Born and Felix Wagner
Circunomics founders | Jan Born, Felix Wagner
Felix Wagner | Circunomics CEO 
Circunomics founder Jan Born
Jan Born | Circunomics CTO 

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