Holistic lifecycle managment, first life analytics, second life simulations or just simple afterlife trading. The flexible and scalable solution according to your needs.

Batteries are the most valuable component of electric vehicles. Extract the maximum value out of them by bringing used EV-batteries into a second life and gain around 2,000€ per battery. With a remaining capacity of 70-80%, an EV battery can still be reused for up to 15 years in a second life energy storage application - reducing cost and lifecycle emissions. Circunomics supports automotive OEMs to transfer used batteries into second life and recycling at scale. Maximize the batteries’ value and increase process efficiency based on predictive Circular Analytics and a Circular Marketplace.

Simplified end-of-life management

Keep an overview of your whole battery portfolio. Plan and track each battery’s end-of-life usage at scale for easy compliance to battery regulations.
Reduce storage and logistics cost by planning the afterlife of your EV batteries while they are still in first-life operation based on analytics. Predictive insights regarding the EV-batteries’ end-of-first-life points empower active outreach to your vehicles’ end-users to retrieve the old batteries and plan aftersales with foresight.

Predictive analytics to improve planning

We combine first life analytics and second life simulations for a streamlined transfer into the best afterlife application. First Life Analytics: Prediction of the state of health and remaining cycles. Second Life Simulations: Performance simulations in different reuse scenarios - helping in decision-making regarding the ideal use case for value- and security optimization.

No interference with your data privacy

For our analytics, the raw data does not have to leave your cloud environment. Our algorithms run on-premise in your cloud. Solely the analytics’ outcome is relevant for decision-making. We respect your data privacy.

Maximized value through flexible second life trading

Trade batteries securely on the first analytics-based battery marketplace in the industry and reduce the batteries’ TCO by up to 20%. You decide with whom you want to trade with. Either within your personal network or extent your activities within an open network with trusted B2B parties.

All in one platform

Prediction of the state of
health & remaining cycles

Giving you the analytics insights you need for predictive maintenance and take-back planning. As well as second life simulation to identify the best afterlife usage. Enabling lifecycle planning with foresight.

Second life & recycling trading via Circular Marketplace

Easy and secure afterlife trading with a flexible network with trusted B2B parties. Upload your battery listings simply with a few clicks and digitize the deal-making.

Decision-making tool to identify the ideal afterlife use case

The analytics run in your cloud, no raw data needs to leave your secure environment. We provide you with the outcome data regarding future performance in different end-of-life use cases, so you can get the maximum value out of your batteries.

Tracking enabling the compliance to EU battery regulations

Simplify your compliance reporting by tracking how each of your batteries is treated at their end-of-life: if reused or recycled. With the possibility to integrate your battery passports.